Category: The Land and Animals


Must be cabin fever

It’s a gray day in January, and I’m thinking about the fine perfect details of the beech leaves still hanging in the trees in the woods. And I’m thinking about the thousand-year-old bristlecone pine trees holding tightly to a certain cliff I know and have visited so many times in Southern Utah; and I’m watching a fire burning in the woodstove. Dead trees warm me.


Stockpiling Wood

We’ve been burning wood in the old Buckstove for a few weeks now, warming the old farmhouse up to a comfortable 68 degrees or so. And yesterday Paula and I spent the afternoon chainsawing...


First Day of Fall

The light’s changing. The days are shortening and  cooling, and yesterday was such a windy, gorgeous day, with a few leaves coming down, and hawks soaring in the sky, catching thermals, riding the winds....


Building the Meditation Tower

Okay, it’s a deer-hunting stand, according to my brother John. He took the initiative to design and build it, and Paula and I helped out at the end when he and Dad were tired...


Bountiful Times in the Garden

The garden is bursting with green growth now: the cucumbers are twined around the cedar poles and producing super-cucumbers; we have too much zucchini, as usual, and the pole beans are going crazy. Bountiful...


Simple Chicken Shelter

Paula constructed a simple chicken shelter the other day, assembled from left-over plywood, wood from demolition work in the house, and old metal barn roofing from Mike M. It has a nice, country-modern look...


Chickens, Outside

The chickens got a little taste of the outside world the other day. We’re working on the “interim chicken coop,” and hope to put the finishing touches on it in the next few days....



The Jack-in-the-Pulpits have made their appearance in the woods. A search on the web tells me some other names for the plant: Parson-in-the-Pulpit, Lord-and-Lady, Cuckoopint, Aronskelk, Indian Turnip, Iroquois Breadroot, Starchwort, Memory Root, Bog...


The Fox and the Chicken

You can tell by the look on Lilly’s face — Lilly, the growing Silver-laced Wyandotte pullet — that she overheard us talking about the fox I glimpsed as it strolled out of the deep...