“Love’s River of Errors”  accepted for 2017 publication on

Redesign of Kistner Suppy’s site, ready to launch Fall 2016

“Love’s River of Errors” curated into the Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival in Worcester, Massachusetts; October 22, 2016

Normalization of Deviance” curated into “Utopia/Dystopia,” an international exhibition of films at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, Bath, Avon, UK; June 2, 2016


“Normalization of Deviance” screened at the EIU Faculty Show, Charleston, IL; November 5, 2015–January 10, 2016

“Normalization of Deviance” presented by Charlotte Pence at Southern Festival of Books, Nashville, TN; October 9, 2015

“Normalization of Deviance” presented by Charlotte Pence at Decatur Book Festival, Decatur, Georgia; September 5, 2015

“Normalization of Deviance” (written by Charlotte Pence, Assistant Professor of English, EIU), featured on, curated by Dave Bonta; August 25, 2015

EIU Publishing Scholars 2015, October 28, 2015; participant


“Migrations,” a video-poem, curated into “Poems, Places & Soundscapes,” an international exhibition of digitally produced sound-&-poetry focusing on place and soundscape. Curated by Mark Goodwin and Brian Lewis (of Longbarrow Press); Cube Gallery in Leicester, England; April 7-25, 2014

“Teaching Motion and Interactive Design Principles through Poetry in Motion: Case Studies,” peer-reviewed presentation/paper in the proceedings of the University & College Designers Association (UCDA)’s Design Education Summit, Madison, WI; May 19, 2014

“More Room to Fail, or, ‘All work can be resubmitted at the end of the semester’ ” peer-reviewed presentation/paper in the proceedings of the University & College Designers Association (UCDA)’s Design Education Summit, Madison, WI; May 19, 2014

“On a Prophet” screened at the invitational group show, “With Sirens Blaring,” at the Prøve Gallery in Duluth, Minnesota, August 8, 2014. A collaboration with Duluth, MN poet Kathleen Roberts

“On a Prophet” awarded First Prize for Best Editing in Liberated Words III’s “Memory” show, an international poetry-film festival at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol, UK, September 13, 2014

“Migrations” and “On a Prophet” featured on, curated by Dave Bonta


“The Mantis Shrimp” selected for screening at the CYCLOP video-poetry festival in Kiev, Ukraine,
November 16-17, 2013

“21 Instructions before the Retreat Begins,” an original video-poem, written and designed during summer of 2013, juried into Liberated Words II, an international poetry film festival at the Arnolfini Art Gallery, Bath Spa University, Bristol, U.K., October 2013

Fundraising “case statement” publication design for Spokane Public Radio; Spokane, Washington; freelance graphic design, Fall 2013

EIU CAH Faculty Travel Grant, Fall 2013

EIU Publishing Scholars, Fall 2013, participant

Identity/logo design for Monroe Humane organization, Bloomington, Indiana; freelance graphic design, June 2013

“The Mantis Shrimp” published in the online journal, The Atticus Review (, June 2013

“Simplifying the Complexities of Interactive Design,” peer-reviewed presentation at the University & College Designers Association (UCDA)’s Design Education Summit, Chattanooga, TN; May 20, 2013

“The Mantis Shrimp” curated into The Body Electric Poetry Film Festival in Fort Collins, Colorado, May 4, 2013

“Toward A Hybrid Process: Integrating Analog and Digital Techniques into 2D Foundations,” peer-reviewed presentation at postHaus, 34th Biennial conference for Foundations in Art: Theory and Education (FATE), at The Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia, April 4-6, 2013

“The Mantis Shrimp,” an original video-poem, curated into the group show Graphic Content at the Jacoby Art Center in Alton, Illinois, March 1 – April 6, 2013

“JAC Exhibit Gets Graphic: Artists display varied implications of the genre,” by Vicki Bennington in The Telegraph, Alton, IL; March 13, 2013. Interviewed about the making of “The Mantis Shrimp”


“True Mixed Bag: Great Successes and Stunning Failures with Digital Foundation Projects,” a peer-reviewed presentation at Mid-America College Art Association Conference, Detroit; October 3-6, 2012

“The Mantis Shrimp,” an original video-poem curated into the international show, “Liberated Words,” at MIX XII, Conference On Merging Intermedia, Pound Arts Centre, Bath Spa University, Corsham, UK, July 17, 2012

“One Part Wood Type, One Part CSS: A Proposal to Blend Traditional Typographic Methods with New Code,” peer-reviewed session presentation at Catch 22: University and College Designers Association’s Annual Design Education Summit; Blacksburg, Virginia, May 2012

“Make Things Move: Integrating Simple Motion Design into 2D Foundations Projects” peer-reviewed session presentation at the 12th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities 2012; Honolulu, Hawaii, January 2012


“Make Things Move: Integrating Simple Motion Design into 2D Foundations Projects,” peer-reviewed presentation at OnStream: FATE/MACAA (Foundations in Art: Theory and Practice/Mid-America College Art Association) Bienniel conference 2011; St. Louis, March 2011


“Create Animation Projects that Explore Design Principles in Motion,” Media and Methods in Art Education 26th Annual Conference, Eastern Illinois University, March 2010


Design Excellence Award, UCDA (University and College Designers Association), national competition, 2009

Design Excellence Award, Graphic Design USA, national competition, 2009


“Continental Divide,” motion graphics adaptation of Professor Danielle Dubrasky’s poetry; Braithwaite Gallery, Southern Utah University, February–March 2008


“Write, Dance, Design: Cross Disciplinary Case Studies in Design,” peer-reviewed presentation at AIGA Intent/Content conference, Nashville, Tennessee, June 2007

“Counterform 2007,” juried exhibition of book works at the University of Utah, February–March 2007

“Fiction, Poetry, Dance, and Graphic Design: Case Studies in Collaborative Interactive and Print Design Projects,” multimedia presentation, 2007 Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities; Honolulu, Hawaii, January 2007

“Please Do Not Discard,” solo exhibition of graphic design, art, writing; Vincennes University, Indiana, January–February 2007

“Personal Writing and Visual Exploration,” visiting artist/designer lecture, Vincennes University, Indiana, February 2007


“Restless Boundaries,” exhibition of graphic design, art, writing, at Bellevue University, Nebraska, October–November 2006; visiting artist/designer

“Open Space,” visiting artist/designer lecture, Bellevue University, October 2006

“Raising Awareness through Graphic Design and New Media,” lecture and workshop at SUNY-Oswego, Feb. 2006; visiting designer/artist

“Get Real” Exhibition, Springville Museum of Art, Utah, January–February, 2006

Born magazine (, “Unexpurgated,” with Lisa Nold and Jay Berlinsky, interactive poetry design, 2006


“Toward Closing the Rift,” co-authored with Professor Todd Petersen, University and College Designers Association’s Design Educators Summit; Nashville; August 2005

Born magazine (, “Notes on the Night Highway (II),” interactive poetry design, 2005


Art Seminar Show, with Brian Kershisnik, painter; Robert Neubecker, illustrator; Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery, Southern Utah University, 2004

Art Major Seminar Presentation, SUU, 2004


MFA Thesis Show, “Views of Home,” Indiana University School of Fine Arts Gallery, December 2003

“20 in 10,” MFA and BFA Graphic Design Show, Indiana University School of Fine Arts Gallery, Fall 2003

“L’ Estate di Venezia,” group exhibition of print-making from summer in Venice, Indiana University, Fall 2003

George Pinnelle Award for Excellence, Indiana University Foundation, 2003

2 Gold Medals, CASE (Council for the Advancement and Support of Education), 2003

Design Excellence Award, UCDA, 2003