Cultivating Astonishment

This site began as a way to share images of the process of renovating an old house in Indiana, and when it was time to retire an older graphic design URL, I folded a few things together here: graphic design, film-making, renovating the old house, living on this land. And it makes sense to me because it’s all about being engaged in the process of design throughout the days — whether it’s the old house we are working on, or it’s a graphic design project for a client or a new film in progress. I truly believe that it’s about loving the inherent interesting forms of things, and getting your hands dirty throughout the process of making, and being open to showing the process, rough drafts, sketches, mistakes, and successes along the way.

On any given day I might be up in the attic re-supporting old oak rafters, or digging deep into HTML and CSS code, or working on a new collaborative video, or chopping wood to burn this winter… The mix is good. The process of discovery is what matters most, and the first step involves cultivating a certain astonishment with the world as it is, as Milton Glaser reminds us. A general attitude that says, “Look at this. Here we are. Isn’t this interesting?”

—Dave Richardson

Recent news • updated 10.16


“Love’s River of Errors”  accepted for 2017 publication on poetryseen.com

“Love’s River of Errors” curated into the Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival in Worcester, Massachusetts; October 22, 2016

“Normalization of Deviance” curated into “Utopia/Dystopia,” an international exhibition of films at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, Bath, Avon, UK; June 2, 2016.


“Normalization of Deviance” screened at the EIU Faculty Show, Charleston, IL; November 5, 2015–January 10, 2016; presented by Charlotte Pence at Southern Festival of Books, Nashville, TN; October 9, 2015, and at Decatur Book Festival, Decatur, Georgia; September 5, 2015; and featured on movingpoems.com, curated by Dave Bonta; August 25, 2015,


“Migrations” curated into “Poems, Places & Soundscapes,” an international exhibition of digitally produced sound-&-poetry focusing on place and soundscape. Curated by Mark Goodwin and Brian Lewis (of Longbarrow Press); Cube Gallery in Leicester, England; April 7-25, 2014.

“Teaching Motion and Interactive Design Principles through Poetry in Motion: Case Studies,” peer-reviewed presentation/paper in the proceedings of the University & College Designers Association (UCDA)’s Design Education Summit, Madison, WI; May 19, 2014.

“More Room to Fail, or, ‘All work can be resubmitted at the end of the semester’ ” peer-reviewed presentation/paper in the proceedings of the University & College Designers Association (UCDA)’s Design Education Summit, Madison, WI; May 19, 2014.

Guest lecture at Southern Utah University as part of the Art Insights Lecture Series in November 2014 in Cedar City, Utah.

A designer and educator, Dave Richardson focuses on graphic design and motion/interactive media.

He teaches interactive and motion graphics at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois. Selected recent clients include: Kistner Supply,  the Indiana University Foundation, Monroe Humane, Spokane Public Radio, and Sleeping Dogs Studio. His personal creative work centers on original narratives realized in motion/film space, and his video-poems have been curated into national and international film festivals.


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