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First scan of a tomatillo husk

The Elegance of a Tomatillo Husk

This Spring, after the snows melted, I found a dried tomatillo husk by the wooded ravine, a remnant of last year’s garden. I brought the flimsy husk inside and it has moved around the...


Video about Illustrator Craig Frazier by Jeff Hurn

Worker Series #1 Craig Frazier – Illustrator and Storyteller from Jeff Hurn on Vimeo. Great video about illustrator Craig Frazier’s process by Jeff Hurn. I’ve always enjoyed the simplicity and wit in Frazier’s illustrations,...

Untitled, Dan Devening. 
2014, 41" × 32"; archival pigment print, acrylic on paper, tape, frame

Dan Devening: Artist Talk at EIU

Dan Devening spoke about his art and process at the Tarble Arts Center at Eastern Illinois yesterday, and I was inspired by his abstract art, and especially by his thoughtful process of making work...

Countless Ways to Kneel and Kiss the Ground • Analog and digital collage

Countless Ways To Kneel and Kiss the Ground

“There are hundreds — no, countless ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” —Pat Schneider, How the Light Gets In: Writing as Spiritual Practice The title of the above book, How the Light Gets...


The Whole Point of Art

“Whereas in science one aspires to the simplest explanation of the phenomenon under scrutiny, the whole point of art and the Humanities is to open our minds to more alternatives and ambiguities in the...


Layered Miracles

Ellen Meloy was a naturalist, writer and river-runner. A bit of her writing, a phrase, lingers in my mind: “… to reclaim daily the notion of layered miracles.” (Eating Stone, p. 319).


Spring Beauties, or “Pay Attention”

Spring beauties in our woods. Back several years, I didn’t notice Spring flowers and did not care one bit about them. Now, with age, I guess, and with the understanding that when I focus...


“Emerald in the Rough” from Dwell

Inspired this morning by a 2006 article on As Annie Dilliard says, “We can live any way we want.” *** Excerpts from the article (photos by Cornelius Scriba): “Our house was built in...


Mary Oliver, and The Real Poem

Glancing through sketch/notebooks, two days before the winter solstice — when the days start getting longer, longer, but so slowly at first — I found this excerpt from Mary Oliver’s poem, “The Leaf and...

ny.12.#19, mixed media on panel, 16"x12" 2012 • Jennifer Sanchez

Jennifer Sanchez

I gravitate toward the abstract, toward investigations of form and color, and I enjoy Jennifer Sanchez’s work a lot. Her work has vibrancy, energy, and inventiveness to it. Line — whether straight or curved,...


Shinto-Inspired Sleeping Cabin

A site we love is inhabitat, where we discovered this beautiful, made-from-reclaimed-materials cabin, inspired by Shinto architecture. Something like this cabin would look perfect on the back hill. View more images of the Shinto...