Notes from Rocky Hill Studio Blog


“I do not resent the rain”

Glancing through sketchbooks, I ran across a note jotted down during a particularly gray sketch of weather at the end of winter: “I do not resent the rain anymore. I will not argue with...


Great is the matter of birth and death

I woke up early this morning and created this digital collage. The Art Department’s office manager, Sue, died unexpectedly this week. She will be greatly missed. We’ve had four deaths within our department in...


Must be cabin fever

It’s a gray day in January, and I’m thinking about the fine perfect details of the beech leaves still hanging in the trees in the woods. And I’m thinking about the thousand-year-old bristlecone pine trees holding tightly to a certain cliff I know and have visited so many times in Southern Utah; and I’m watching a fire burning in the woodstove. Dead trees warm me.


Sometimes I can’t sleep (3:45 a.m.)

Sometimes I can’t sleep, and it’s ok. Moments within the past weeks keep flowing: D. talking, crying, about sitting at the side of her dying mother. T. defending his art to the committee, sitting...

"O now please hold" collage

“O Now” Collage

I don’t know what it is about letterforms I find in the recycling bin. Now and then I have to pull out the recycling, rip out a few letterforms, and toss in some watercolor....